i am also a restoration artist, who loves to help others to preserve their family memories. each photo has a distinct history and value. i value your originals as though they are my own. each one is protected from day one.

quotes are free. i must see originals in order to make a proper estimate. i work from originals only, the reason being that each one is different and has specific needs that one cannot see in a scanned and emailed jpeg. all finished work includes a 5x7 archival print and your fully restored file on cd. prices are by the job unless the restoration is extremely severe.

please contact me and we'll go over pricing and additional copies of prints and cds if needed.

click picture for close up views of images before and after retouching

victorian woman
i added to the background to create a complete picture.

family portrait
the photo had become faded and discolored.

a boy's holy communion
the image was in very old laminate and cracked

children with the easter bunny
photo was torn and put together with tape.

stylish young man
photo was torn and there was a missing foot.

a mother's portrait
image was textured, wrinkled and torn.

lady holding a bouquet
image was cracked and torn

switching heads
here you see that i switched the heads to create a better portrait.

final product
this is what the final portrait looks like.

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